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NAEYC Accreditation of programs for young children represents the mark of quality in early childhood education.  NAEYC Accreditation began in 1985 with the goal of providing an accrediting system that would raise the level of early childhood programs.  Today, over 6,500 programs are NAEYC Accredited.

NAEYC accredited programs invest in early childhood education because they believe in the benefits to children and families.  Early childhood experiences -- from birth to age 8 -- have an enormous impact on children's lifelong learning and positively contribute to their health and development.  Early childhood education programs with the mark of quality benefit children with greater readiness for and success in school.  

It is this reason that parents and families are seeking out NAEYC-accredited programs.  Parents choosing an early childhood education program can be overwhelmed by trying to find the highest quality programs for their child.  NAEYC Accreditation is the mark of quality that families are looking for.  NAEYC Accreditation gives families the chance to make the Right Choice for Kids.​

NAEYC Accreditation

Kansas Early Childhood Director Credential

Building on almost 10 years of foundational work, Kansas and Missouri stakeholders finalized a framework to credential early care and education professionals through the Bi-State Early Childhood Director Credential.  The Credential provides directors with a pathway to develop the knowledge, skills and abilities they need to be successful in the early learning industry.  The Credential will also provide a system to recognize and document these achievements.  

The Credential is voluntary and exceeds what is required by state licensing regulations.  Two levels of the Credential are offered:  the Provisional Director Credential and the Director Credential. Both levels require that candidates demonstrate competency is the areas of early childhood education, child development and leadership/management.  Selected competencies for directors are identifies from the Kansas and Missouri Core Competencies for Early Care and Education Professionals and provide the basis for the Credential's criteria.  Candidates must also demonstrate competency by documenting their education, experience and professional contributions.

The Credential is issued by the Kansas Association for the Education of Young Children (KSAEYC).  The Kansas Early Childhood Director Credential Application is available in the links below.  Any applicant who receives the Kansas Director Credential has the opportunity to apply for a reciprocal Credential in Missouri.  The credentialing agency for the Missouri Credential isAEYC-MO.

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